I am so proud to announce that I will now be offering Organic Bloom frames to my clients.  There are 16 different styles of frames available in any size you wish and in an endless array of colours.  They all come ready to hang so all you have to do is fill the frame with a gorgeous picture and hammer a nail in the wall!

My youngest is 20 months old (boy did that go by fast!) and until now the wall above her crib has been empty.  When I first laid eyes on these frames I knew they would be perfect for that spot so I ordered three 10×10 Mary Anns.  I must say that they were definitely worth the wait because they look beautiful!  The pictures in the frames are mounted on 2mm styrene and also have a slight linen texture…there is no glass needed and it also gives it a more modern feel.  The only problem I have is that now my oldest is jealous and wants some for her room too!



Here is a look at some of the frame options but there are more on The Organic Bloom’s website.

Please feel free to contact me for a price list!

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